Best Payment Gateway Solution For Your Business

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Boost your Business with the powerful features of SBS Payment Gateway.

We offer a wide variety of card payment processing solutions to businesses so, regardless of your industry, we have a solution ideal for you.

Payment Terminals

Counter Top Terminal

Static or countertop card machines are the ideal choices for businesses looking to accept payments over the counter or at reception points. Convenience stores, retail shops, and other businesses are examples.

Your customers can pay with a card machine plugged into their phone line or broadband. With all the latest technology, your customers will have a secure card payment solution for contactless payments. It’s quick, convenient, and secure for your customers to pay with a card machine plugged into their phone line or broadband.

Mobile/GPRS card terminal

You can use a mobile card terminal to process payments at locations where you have to go a long way from your main office and where the client is comfortable making the payment.

This kind of service is ideal for hospitality businesses, mobile hairdressers, market vendors, taxi drivers, electricians, and builders, to name a few. The machine works in the same way as a chip and pin or contactless bank card.If you want to accept payments from all of your locations nationwide, this is the easiest way.

E-Commerce Payment Solution

E-commerce/Payment Gateway solutions enables one to take debit/credit card payments through their website. It can be easily integrated into your website with the help of your website developer.

Simply Business Solutions can find the best pricing for your particular needs. We help tailor make a package to suit any type of business. For example, for most businesses debit & credit card price is different and we can find you the best offer according to what your needs are.