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WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular content management system among professionals for important industries such as government, education, and media. You can use it to create and manage your website and this easy-to-use system continues to grow in popularity.

As a group of dedicated WordPress developers, we offer affordable and high-quality websites to fit each individual’s needs. We are happy to work with you to come up with a solution specifically for your business.

WordPress CMS features and plug-in expansion are almost limitless, so we strongly encourage our customers to choose WordPress development. SBS supplies tailor-made WordPress themes and plugins to produce top-notch and professional websites and to gain more customers.

Our WordPress customization services provide a complete solution to client demands since we work with WordPress templates and plugins that satisfy the complete requirements. We help clients reach their business objectives by using websites. We work with WordPress developers who know exactly what to put in and what not to, and they utilize the correct plugins and themes to ensure client satisfaction. We build custom websites.

Static Website Development

Static websites may be created by posting a few HTML pages to a Web server. This works well for small websites, but large websites with hundreds or thousands of pages may become difficult to maintain when they are static. Code and assemble static Web pages much quicker than dynamic Web pages, which may include customizable content based on a user’s identity or other considerations.

Static websites are also affordable to create and host. It is great for smaller companies to post a web presence. You can choose a template and design a static website for your company if your company requires it. You can showcase your products, services, and information in a very effective way through your static website. Product advertising is most cost-effective using a static website, as it requires no updating. Static websites are excellent for displaying products and services that don’t need to be updated.

Major Features of Static Website

  • Fast loading times: Static websites are generally faster to load than dynamic websites since they don’t require any processing from the server.
  •  Secure: As there is no server-side processing involved, static websites are more secure than dynamic websites.
  •  Low cost: Static websites are typically cheaper to set up and maintain than dynamic websites.
  •  Easy to maintain: Static websites are easier to maintain than dynamic websites since there is no need for any complex programming or database management.

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